People are beginning to take their homes off the market, but there’s no need to wait until spring to make a sale. Here’s why.

Now that October is here, we’re officially in the fourth quarter of 2019. Around this time of year, we often see that many people are taking their listings off the market. Many of these sellers believe they should skip the holidays and wait until springtime to make a sale.

“Look at the reasons behind why you’re selling.”

While there are some advantages to the spring market, people seem to be forgetting one thing: There’s a lot more competition in the spring. Through the holiday months, however, there are fewer homes on the market because everyone is waiting for spring. As a result, buyers have fewer options to choose from. This puts your listing in a great position.

If you can’t decide whether to list now or wait until spring, you need to look at the reasons behind why you’re selling. Where are you moving, and why? If you need to sell by December, there’s absolutely no reason to wait until spring. You can still find a buyer in the fall and winter months.

If you’re looking to sell your home soon or you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to helping you soon.